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Maryline Lecourtier

The origin

A craftsman is first and foremost defined by a passion for his or her work. For Maryline it was present from her childhood. When she wasn't on horseback she was at home sewing; learning different styles, creating patterns . playing for hours with different colours and materials. Little by little she clothed her life with bright and beautiful colours and her gift for cloths making was quickly recognised. The little girl became a young woman and soon started to make cloths on order for others. Horse riding occupied the other half of her life; she rode, cared for, observed, and came to understand everything about them. Then one day, Maryline needed a bag which could be attached to her saddle. Ordinary fabric would be too fragile, it would tear after the first gallop so the bag needed to be made in leather. The first try was a big success . the leather bag was strong, practical and even good looking! So, the story began.

The vocation

After the saddle-bag many other leather projects followed and bit by bit Maryline perfected her art . She discovered that she had leather 'in her blood' and so soon embraced new techniques and details and equipped herself with all that's needed to form and fashion a living material. Her workshop began to overflow with not only new needles, awls and stamps but also various paintings, because Maryline not only sews, she carves and paints (as in the style of fine painting) in order to decorate her leatherwork with, for example, animal faces. Having mastered the technique of carving she can now create in leather the effects of light and shade, shadows, various features and colours. Her work is a living creation that the owner wears around him/her person; an arrow quiver sporting a wolf's head, a knife case in the shape of a fish, a waistcoat adorned with the head of a Sioux indian . plus belts, bags, wallets, etc. Orders from a public who are more and more diverse. Lovers of all that is beautiful and made-to-measure . hunters, photographers, artists of all kinds, etc. The list is long but they all find in Maryline that which doesn't exist elsewhere. Maryline has passion, the first quality of a good craftsman, but she also has talent. She not only makes beautiful things, she gives them 'soul'. Fifteen years of experience culminated in her being awarded in 2008 and again in 2010 the prestigious prix 'Autour du Couteau' at the 'Salon International du Couteau d'Art et de Collection' in Paris.


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