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Having carefully listened to your desires Maryline responds with all her expertise to make your dreams a reality. She can create something from scratch or customise the leather goods you already own, working from a photo, freehand sketch or just a description.

The project is studied in it's entirety so that it fulfils your expectations exactly whilst remaining practical and strong enough for it's purpose. Client and artist decide together on the best type of leather to use and the colours needed to achieve the final appearance.

Please note :

When working from a photo Maryline achieves the result by carving and painting the model by hand. She doesn't work from a digitalised image.

Also she works exclusively with the finest quality French leather. Each animal skin is chosen according to what specifically needs to be achieved.
For example .

Leather tanned with vegetable colourings is best for rigid products Suede leathers for interior finishes Calf, bull or buffalo hide for items which need to be flexible Goat skin for interior linings and strong laces Exotic skins such as crocodile, stingray, water snake, frog and ostrich for decorating items or luxurious finishes.

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From the leather to the product: the principle stages

After the in-depth study of your project comes .

a) The choice of the leather for its manufacture and decoration
b) The pattern making
c) The cutting of the leather by hand
d) The carving.

This is a technique to carve leather when using cattle hide coloured with a vegetable tanning. It is first of all dampened, and then carved in the pattern or design of your choice. When the leather has dried it retains the design which can not be undone . even if the leather becomes damp again. Strong and resistant cattle skin can take all types of 'caving' without being torn or deformed by usage or the passing of time.

A painting or design on the leather is applied by hand with a paint especially produced for leather. As with the 'carving' the 'design' doesn't alter with time. It stays in place even after the item has been used a lot.

e) Assembly of the different parts of the project The sewing of the parts together is done with a saddle stitch. As before, all the work is done by hand.

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More about knives :

Maryline can create from scratch a sheath for your knife and then personalise it. The leather for the sheath needs to be created around the knife. You need to send to Marline your knife so that the form of the leather fits perfectly without the risk of loosing its shape in the future.

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